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Daily Routine Duas for Children and Adults (Pack of 12)

Daily Routine Duas for Children and Adults (Pack of 12)

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Pack of 12 important daily routine duas for children and adults. The list contains

  1. Dua after waking up
  2. Dua before going to sleep
  3. Dua upon entering home
  4. Dua when leaving home
  5. Dua for going out/journey
  6. Dua before eating
  7. Dua if forgotten to recite before eating
  8. Dua after having a meal
  9. Dua upon drinking milk
  10. Dua upon drinking water
  11. Dua before entering the toilet
  12. Dua to exit the toilet

You get 2 free duas to enter and exit Masjid.

 Size: 10 CM x 15 CM

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